Transforming the current business system in order to ensure it operates within sensible environmental parameters and in the interests of society, requires multiple forms of action.

We do three things to support this:

Transform today: We work with Intrapreneurs in large, pioneering organisations to create and develop new ways of thinking about, doing and being in business. Clients include: Interface on governance, processes and ideas for restorative business, M&S on leading a circular economy and SABMiller on unleashing global, social innovation.

Scale disruption: We work closely with start-ups that demonstrate progressive business to scale their impact. Some of our thinking can be found on We’ve helped in fashion, alternative food sources (insects), waste to energy, and others. We work with Imperial College, Climate-KIC, Mass Challenge, Nesta and InnovateUK. 

Seed tomorrow: Through our activities in creating and building networks of change-makers we shift perception and build capability. We offer  connection, coaching, inspiration and courage. Here, we work with The League of Intrapreneurs, 6heads, LEADX and other powerful global organisations to seed change.  

More information on each of these can be found by clicking on the related pages.

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