Transform today

Many large organisations, currently delivering solutions to meet human needs, understand that the business system must change. They see that they, and others, can’t continue to operate as if there were no limit to resource availability and have understood that their health is directly dependent on the health of the communities they operate within.

We work with some of the pioneers in this area, supporting their exploration of how their businesses could be re-shaped within environmental constraints and better aligned to social needs.

This work requires:

Identifying and exploring priority areas for a better future. An example of this was a piece of work for Marks and Spencer detailing the focus areas they could build into their business in order to become ‘the retailer of the future’.

Developing decision-making mechanisms to support investment into these priority areas. For Interface we created a global governance structure supported by handy tools and templates to help focus senior management attention and investment towards Mission Zero and beyond. 

Building ‘experiments’ to try out new ways of operating and at the same time build the mind-sets and capabilities toward a different future. This piece seeds the future inside businesses today.  Work in this area has most recently included examining ways that the procurement system for a blue-chip banking group could be changed to be more socially inclusive and environmentally restorative.

Working with employees and suppliers to create ‘fertile ground’ for change. This ranges from keynote speeches through to targeted interventions to alter perception and shift behaviour. A fun example was the creation of a series of engagement programmes for Marks and Spencer suppliers to think through business transformaation. This included an curated display of inspirational in-market products e.g. a sneaker made of rice husks, a Christmas tree that could be rented, etc.

Case studies, tools and support are available in each of these three areas. Please fill out the  request form below if you’d like further information, or if we can help in any way. 










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