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Questions we help organisations answer: 

How do we bring together diverse organisations to support systems change at scale?

• Accelerator for City of Sofia to solve Air Pollution (Future Academy)
• Insight for action on Climate Finance (
• A peer learning programme for purpose-driven women (She Leads Change)
• Convening for crisis communication (CDAC Network)
• Collaboration for water stewardship (PWC)

How do we bring together our organisational leadership to respond strategically to an emerging future?

  • ARUP
  • Tetrapak
  • Systemiq

How can I set up my innovation programme as an investment?

  • Interface: Development of strategy, governance, processes and prioritisation criteria to select projects and ventures towards achieving 2020 targets.
  • Marks & Spencer: Designing an innovation strategy and programme.
  • ERM low carbon fund: Set-up of venture capital offering.

How do I create a new initiative, business or programme that can have a positive commercial and environmental or social impact?

  • Carbon Trust: Origination of new business – including Low Carbon workplace – to shift important sectors in the UK towards low carbon.
  • Marks & Spencer: Development of a plan to support youth in finding employment and achievement of Plan A goals
  • Branson School of Entrepreneurship: Setup of school including curriculum and teaching methodologies and practical opportunities to both learn and generate school revenue.
  • Cleanweb Fund: Currently under development.

How could we change our business model toward improving commercial return and better supporting positive social and environmental outcomes? 

  • McDonalds: Visioning strategic possibilities for the fast-food company
  • Marks & Spencer: Circular Economy
  • Cafe Direct: Retaining leadership in a cluttered category

How can I inspire radical change?

  • Marks & Spencer: Supplier campaign “experiencing possibility”
  • 6 heads events: Christmas as Unusual, Business and Unusual, walks, Story-telling, Film
  • Nesta: Defining and convening challenges in Energy

What barriers to change will we face and how can I overcome them?

  • Anglo American: Organisational change strategy
  • Conservation Corporation: Turnaround strategy

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