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An alternative future for business – one that operates within environmental constraints and supports society – can only be delivered by the people that currently work in existing organisations or by new recruits. Any programme of change therefore has to shift perception and build capability in employees, suppliers and others within the organisation today and those of the future.

We do this is four ways:

Training: Not in the mundane “lets all sit and watch PowerPoint for hours” way (no no no) – in an interactive, experiential way that exposes people to fresh thinking through innovative interactions and allows them to build their own understanding through personal exploration of new ideas and concepts. This may be focused on specific skills e.g. innovation, creativity or problem-solving. Alternatively it could be linked to solving a specific organisational challenge e.g. “What would it mean to be the manufacturer of the future?”, “How do we undersand and operate in a low-carbon future?” Case study: Trapeze as a way to explore liminal space towards supporting an organisations change journey

Coaching: It can be isolating to be a person tasked with sustainability or driven by purpose in a large organisation.  Many ‘intrepreneurs’ benefit from working alongside an experienced person to act as a sounding board for new ideas and to support  them with ideas, tools and techniques from other organisations. This can take multiple forms – from an informal, regular coffee to a long term structured support programme. Case study: Coaching SABMiller social innovators

Connecting: Organisations operate within systems and often need to influence others parts of the system to enable change to occur. We help this process through connecting these different organisations and facilitating generative conversations towards mutually advantageous change. Case study: Bringing the energy community to Nesta

Community building: We work with a number of different communities to link together change-makers and accelerate learning and impact.

At 6-heads we provide young, edgy sustainability and innovation professionals with the opportunity to learn new skills, try out new techniques and work together. You can find out more on 6-heads

Through the League of Intrapreneurs we develop changemakers within corporations to transform business from the inside out. More on the League of Intrapreneurs

As a fellow of both the Responsible Leaders Forum and the RSA I work alongside professionals using their significant skills and progressive mind-sets to imagine and create a better world.



Interested in any of the ideas above?  Could you deliver any of these or related services? Please send through the form below.


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