Transformative education: Teaching for tomorrow Part 2


If education is the foundation for how our society evolves into the future – then how do we align this important system to our emergent societal needs?

Leigh Meinert, co-founder and Executive Director of the innovative education institution, Tsiba in South Africa, reflects here on “What transformative education looks like?”  This is the second of three guest blogs that explores Tsiba as a model for changing education.   TSiBA’s CEO and fellow co-founder, Adri Marais,will talk at a ‘Transformative Education’ coversation to be held at London Business School on 29 October 2013. There is limited availability. For more information and to book your place, please visit


In my first blog, I defined transformative education based on its three distinctive characteristics:

  • It is education that helps people to find their purpose.tsiba logo
  • It is education that asks more questions and gives fewer answers and,
  • It is…

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