Feb Futures: 28 days of inspiration!

February, in the Northern Hemisphere is the dullest, greyest month. World-wide, it’s the month where people have recovered from a festive season, are over January detox and are starting to get stuck into the new year. Not our fav month…

To cheer our community up and to bring positive, possible futures into our work and year planning for 2014 – we are launching Feb Futures. For each day of February we will feature a company, product or idea that makes us positive and excited about the future. That’s 28 days of inspiration!

These short notes will introduce you to game-changers we like and some of the overarching and important themes in sustainability we follow.

If this is exciting enough to lure you out from under your duvet, you might want to sign-up here to receive February Futures Forecasts directly into your in-box:


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