28 Days of Inspiration – Day 8: Applied Biomimicry


Designing with Nature

Applied Biomimcry

Today’s theme is provided by Isabella and it is Biomimicry – applying nature’s genius to human design challenges. Janine Benyus is the most prominent advocate of this concept that lets us apply insights from nature’s 3.8 billion years R&D to new products and processes.

There are many examples of innovation inspired by nature that have been established in different markets, but one emergent example that I find particularly fascinating is theSahara Forest Project. Michael Pawlyn and his organisation Exploration are demonstrating a pilot project that combines two proven technologies in a new way to create multiple benefits: producing large amounts of renewable energy, food and water as well as reversing desertification. A major element of the proposal is a seawater-cooled greenhouse that creates a cool growing environment in hot parts of the world and is a net producer of distilled water from seawater. The second technology, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) involves concentrating the sun’s heat to create steam that drives conventional turbines, producing zero carbon electricity twice as efficiently as photovoltaics. 

Michael Pawlyn will be giving a talk on Feb 17 as part of Exploration’s “Designing with Nature” exhibition where you can find out more about the Sahara Forest Project and other biomimicry initiatives.
Exploration Architecture: Designing with Nature  7 February – 15 March 2014

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