28 Days of Inspiration – Day 10: Hungry for change?

Hungry for Change?

Challenging accepted cultural habits


Isabella challenges your current eating habits by introducing the idea of eating more sustainable food, or more precisely eating protein in the form of insects. It might not immediately appeal to people in the western world, but insects are already eaten regularly by 80% of the world. Entomophagy (the consumption of insects) is seen by many as a solution to the challenge of feeding a growing population.

Insects are also entering the UK food market – last year, Mexican restaurant chain Wahaca put grasshoppers on their menu and asked costumers for feedback on the experience. Food start-up Ento are working towards getting people to eat insects by designing exciting food experiences that also raise awareness of insects’ manifold benefits for our health and the environment. I have personally tasted Ento’s products and can highly recommend them!

Hungry? Almost lunch time – what will you choose?
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