Beyond Brainstorming – Innovation is Everywhere

Bored with brainstorming? Fascinated by mindfulness? We are experimenting with a fresh technique that is effective, collaborative and works with awareness.


I was and went along to Street Wisdom. I did a random tai chi class, met wonderful kindred spirits and discovered an interesting technique to get creative, reflect and solve business and personal issues. Others spoke to strangers, found beautiful architecture and discovered new parts of London.

As an innovation practitioner, it was useful to find a new technique. Changing the context and creating awareness brought fresh perspective. It is particularly useful for the divergence stage of creative thinking.

6heads will be co-hosting a Street Wisdom experience, with the wonderful Street Wisdom team on 16th July. You can learn a new technique, meet some of our wonderful members and enjoy a summers eve on the South Bank. Coming?

RSVP here: Innovation is everywhere

More info: Street Wisdom

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