Extra Strong Mints: Shared Enterprise at Grant Thornton… At the start of a journey. Guest Blog by Norman Pickavance


6Heads have been really lucky this week. We were treated to a strategy session on purpose by Norman Pickavance and Charles Wookey from the Blueprint for Better Business. There is another blog on the way to you from what came out of that evening and we are very excited about that too.

However that will have to be a post for next week as this blog is about shared enterprise and we are already a few days late for shared ownership day …

In the sustainability world many of us wear different ‘hats’ and I am doubly lucky because the hat I wear daily is the one I wear to work with Norman at Grant Thornton where we are embarking upon a journey of Shared Enterprise, through the vision of our newly elected CEO Sacha Romanovitch.

We are thrilled to bits that Norman has written us a guest blog (the…

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