28 Days of Inspiration – Day 13: Start at the very beginning…

Start at the very beginning

Customer need + design = possibility


We’ve heard about the power of design to transform products and services into new models that can support better environmental and social outcomes. We know that clever design can also improve resource re-use. Everyone is talking about the circular economy. Closed loop and cradle to cradle have been around for years. Manufacturers are looking into design for disassembly.

What I like about this particular idea – provided by the wonderful Caroline Wensley – is the fact that they started with three distinct customer contexts and then designed solutions that are more environmentally friendly in response to those particular needs.

This means:
Designing solutions to multiple, specific customer needs
Starting with design – not trying to make things better after the fact

Have a look: http://www.agencyofdesign.co.uk/projects/design-out-waste/ for the most interesting toaster project, ever… 
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