28 Days of Inspiration – Day 18: Change the world for a fiver

Democratic Finance

What will your money do today?


Louisa likes Abundance Generation, the UK’s first FCA-regulated crowdfunding platform that makes it possible for anyone to invest in the UK’s clean energy future. Since launching in June 2012 they have funded £4 million worth of clean, green energy generation projects.

The term democratic finance was coined by the Abundance directors to describe their desire to change the world of finance by crafting a more open, inclusive culture in which anybody can play a part. This is demonstrated by the minimum investment threshold of just £5.

REG High Down is the 8th project to go live. It is a 0.5MW turbine in Cornwall that was installed at the end of January this year, following support from Abundance through the planning and installation process. 

More info here: https://www.abundancegeneration.com/

More fab blogs here: http://6-heads.com/

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