28 Days of Inspiration – Days 15, 16, 17: A triple whammy of ocean-based inspiration

Save our seas

We took a little break over the weekend – which means today you get a triple whammy of inspiration!

ocean bird

The theme is “save our seas” and it looks at three forward-thinking companies that are using the power of their supply chains to remove waste from the ocean, two inspirational people and one funky video.

Three forward-thinking companies make use of different mechanisms for change:

  1. Use of partnerships: Interface noticed that discarded fishing nets are a useful raw material for their manufacturing. By partnering with ZSL and other experts, they are converting these waste nets into carpet yarn. This has a three part effect: it shifts their supply chain from virgin raw material, removes ocean waste and pays poor communities for their discarded nets. http://www.interfaceglobal.com/Products/NetWorks.aspx
  2. Use of the celebrity factor: Singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams has launched a trendy denim line called G-Star raw made from recycled ocean plastic ‘bionic yarn’. https://www.g-star.com/en_us/rawfortheoceans/
  3. Use of demonstrator models: Method, an Ecover company, are showing how by clever design, alternatives exist to using virgin materials.  Working with employees and volunteers Method comb beaches for plastic which is turned into bottles. http://methodhome.com/ocean-plastic

Two inspirational people:

  1. Sylvia Earle is a passionate advocate in this area – you can view her Tedtalk here: http://www.ted.com/talks/sylvia_earle_s_ted_prize_wish_to_protect_our_oceans.html
  2. Boyan Slat, a 19 year old engineering student, has developed a device that collects ocean plastic  across vast areas and doesn’t affect marine life. His innovation could make a big difference to the cleanliness of oceans in the shorter-term and potentially could make up to $500 million a year from recycling the waste collected. http://www.boyanslat.com/plastic/

 One funky video:

This Disney video rocks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tK825QV-nZ0

Every piece of plastic ever made still exists. 

We, as individuals or part of organisations, must end our reliance on disposable plastic items and manage waste responsibly. 

Click here for more of our February daily inspiration: http://6-heads.com/

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