Creating stories as foundations for change: Please join for our next 6heads meetup on 15 October


To tell a good tale requires an understanding of the narrative. Whether this story is for your 5 year old niece or a Chief Exec of a FTSE100 company, being aware and clear on the foundations underpinning a story is important for communication and change.

This interactive and fun workshop will focus on understanding the narratives that we tell ourselves and others about our world. By exploring our narratives we will gain a deeper understanding of how to create powerful stories.  Once we’ve understood more about our own back story, this experiential session will give us the opportunity to generate powerful stories for change.

Please do join us to explore your stories and to meet like-minded sustainability professionals in a relaxed environment.narrative.

Facilitator:  Adam Woodhall is a behaviour change and engagement specialist and over the last 8 years has worked with clients including PwC, Wessex Water, Network Rail, University of…

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