How to make a difference in fashion?


FullSizeRender_1On Monday I delivered a workshop for 3rd year fashion students at Falmouth University.

The objective was to co-create a view on how fashion – a product, business or idea – could make the world better.

We had a brilliant time!

I’ve embedded the presentation and, below this post, links to some of the ideas and resources that were shared with me before the lecture. Thank you to those of you who sent in ideas.  

The students embraced these concepts and understood that:

  • The existing system isn’t working – from environmental damage, to work-force exploitation, limiting/damaging social values, unsustainable business revenues and higher operating costs
  • Companies and individuals are doing great things to change the fashion system – from Vivienne Westwood, to Patagonia, Rapanui, Elvis and Kresse and People Tree
  • Fashion can cause less harm but more importantly fashion can be a force for goodby acting in a restorative…

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