Innocent victims of your story? An exploration into the narratives that underpin the stories we tell


Adam Woodhall, respected friend of 6heads, experienced sustainability consultant and early morning rave dancer, led the most recent 6heads members meeting.  He writes about his experience below.


Why is it important to understand the narratives that underlie the stories we tell ourselves and each other?

This was the question that I posed at a fantastic 6-Heads event which I had the privilege of facilitating.  The workshop was structured using the classic four stage storytelling structure of ‘Exposition’, ‘Rising Action’, ‘Climax’ and ‘Resolution’.

stories 1


We first discussed why we need to understand the narratives we are telling ourselves and being told, particularly the unstated and underlying ones?  It was concluded that this was because this exploration helps us explore the assumptions and ideas which sit beneath the stories we tell ourselves.  It also means that we can be clearer when the narrative has replaced reality.

The next question posed, “Why change?”…

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