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28 Days of Inspiration – Day 23: Scotlands culinary delights?

Beyond Haggis, Whisky and deep-fried Mars bars

I am up in Scotland this weekend and finding myself inspired by the myriad of community initiatives around food.

farm scotland

The closer people come to understanding and engaging with their food source, the better they can make decisions about what to eat. Ultimately better decisions around food choice can positively impact the food system, shifting towards organic, local and seasonal produce. Where this also engages the community it can result in a more equitable and resilient system.

The Fife Diet aims to develop collective and participatory approaches to reduce our impact on the wider environment through the food choices we make. It links community members through a New Food Manifesto, which aims to get an understanding of how food can be part of restorative practice across health and well-being ecology and community. They have some fascinating initiatives and are currently looking at starting a co-op to support access to local, organics products.

Bread is a food staple and there are a few community-owned bakeries which provide an opportunity for a community to engage in producing a food staple. Breadshare, says “Our mission is to serve and involve the community by making excellent, nutritious bread using organic ingredients and distinctive local products, helping to create a more sustainable and health-enhancing food system.”

Whitmuir aims to become Scotlands first community owned farm. They have a vision that it will become a national resource on sustainable food and farming, with discovery trails, exhibits, educational opportunities and citizen science projects. People can discover what bugs and beasties do all day; why organic farming is good for you and the planet; what makes a pig happy and how to grow your own food. They provide an opportunity to explore everything from the brilliance of clover to the intricacies of the carbon cycle. You can buy a share in the farm for as little as £50.

Tying it all together is Nourish Scotland. It host events, workshops towards reconnecting producers, growers, retailers, consumers and all who care for local, sustainable food to make healthy, local, seasonal, and organic food available everywhere in Scotland.

Hungry?  Time for a visit to Scotland then…

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28 Days of Inspiration – Day 14: Start a love revolution…

Start a love revolution…

Alternatives to Valentines Day

AN34198707A-BUS-driver-rushHannah suggests that February 14th becomes a ‘share the love day’. “Today let’s try to make all people feel appreciated and special. Say thank you to the bus driver, smile at a stranger, go cupid and help a single friend to find love, complement a colleague, or, if you don’t already know them, introduce yourself to a neighbour. It might just catch on!”

This is just what Abdullah is advocating in his marvelous blog: http://bit.ly/1eyhtDb
He says, love is not for a day and each day until February the 20th he is doing something “lovely” and posting a Facebook picture or status update on what he did and how it made a difference.

Why not join him or do your own ten day journey to spread the love? His suggestions on how to:

  1. Call your mum/dad/sis/bro just to tell them “I Love you” !
  2. Sponsor an Orphans food for the day.
  3. Next time you visit a coffee shop, order two and give the other to the person behind you in the line.
  4. When you see your friend tomorrow, hug them and tell them you love them unconditionally.
  5. When buying a snickers, grab two and give the other to the first beggar you see on the road with “hope this makes your day a bit better”.
  6. The dying plant in your garden, go water it and put some extra fertilizer as a thank you for all the oxygen it has given you.

These are just a few suggestions, but be innovative, don’t look for for opportunities, create them to spread the love.

Remember love is everywhere!

Happy Valentines Day.