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All February’s inspirations – and how to keep the sunshine into March…

An Inspired February

Your February posts have been little beacons of clarity and light”

Today is the last day of our month of inspirations. We’ve loved how they have spread out like ripples to far shores and connected us and the ideas within to new people and places. Thank you Columbia, Canada, Singapore, Botswana, Brazil, Romania and all the other places that picked up on this! We like the possibility that we’ve not only brought daily sunshine but somehow inspired change.

We’ve enjoyed having others volunteer to write – and encourage anyone who’d like to write, to contact us for future blogs at info@6-heads.com. We know our stories are currently UK centric – you can change that!

We’ve enjoyed a sense of community beyond our normal group of change warriors.  We’d love to invite you to continue to join us at our events or our regular UK members meetings. For more details have a look here: events , or join our regular newsletter here: newsletter

And of course, if there is any other way we can support you: through talks, writing, training, consulting or spring-boarding your business idea – please do get in touch!

For today’s inspiration, we invite you to enjoy a selection from the past month:

Thank you for joining us on this sunshine journey for February. 

May 2014 be your best year yet. 


28 Days of Inspiration – Day 9: What did you do last night?

What did you do last night?

Did you dance? Any power moves?

Today’s theme, submitted by Isabella, is people powered energy. Harvesting energy from human footsteps can contribute power required to light offices, shopping centres and railway stations through floor tiles that generate electricity when they are walked over.

You can “throw some shapes” on an energy self-sufficient dance floor. The “Sustainable Dance Floor” is available for hire and your audience will help you with the electricity bill of your event. This is creates an interactive environment that is educational.

Other applications include Pavegen Systems, a UK-based company tested their installation at West Ham underground station which was a main transport hub during the 2012 Olympic Games, generating the power required to keep the station’s lights on.

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