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28 Days of Inspiration – Day 9: What did you do last night?

What did you do last night?

Did you dance? Any power moves?

Today’s theme, submitted by Isabella, is people powered energy. Harvesting energy from human footsteps can contribute power required to light offices, shopping centres and railway stations through floor tiles that generate electricity when they are walked over.

You can “throw some shapes” on an energy self-sufficient dance floor. The “Sustainable Dance Floor” is available for hire and your audience will help you with the electricity bill of your event. This is creates an interactive environment that is educational.

Other applications include Pavegen Systems, a UK-based company tested their installation at West Ham underground station which was a main transport hub during the 2012 Olympic Games, generating the power required to keep the station’s lights on.

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28 Days of Inspiration – Day 6: Re-imagining mud island

Re-imagining mud island

Innovation in engagement

The not so affectionate term for Britain is ‘mud island’ and during rainy Feb it certainly feels that way! Imagine if, like Bornholm Island in Denmark, our home was something more inspiring – Bright Green Island, perhaps?
Bornholm, the original Bright Green Island is working towards a vision of a sustainable society free from carbon emissions. The Bright Green Island vision has four cornerstones: Sustainable Business, the Good Life, Green Technology and Nature Destination.

A particularly inspiring initiative is the engagement of residents in creating this vision – through a game called (unsurprisingly) “My bright green island game”.

You can pick your theme for today:
1. Innovative ways towards stakeholder engagement. What have you done to inspire participation?
2. Boldly re-imagining Britain, beyond mud and carbon – what would it look like?


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